IC Yourselfie

IC Yourselfie is a project which fuses media, fine and performance art.

In a selfie we show who we are and who we want to be. It’s a constant search for perfection, the perfect self-image, the perfect moment to share. Intrigued by this search, IC Putincanin started her art project IC Yourselfie - „I See Your Selfie“ – exploring this human search for perfection, a phenomenon as old as civilization. She named her new interactive selfie „icyourselfie“.


The icyourselfie is a photo of a smartphone while someone is shooting a selfie, ussie, etc.

The icyourselfie disrupts the untouchable human–phone intimacy line and transforms this line into a triangle, inviting everyone to get involved. The self-centred selfie transforms into an interactive game with real people, on real places, with real emotions.

„Who sees the human face right, the photographer, the mirror or the painter?“ Pablo Picasso.

For me the real mirror of a soul is the instant emotion just before the decisive selfie shot.

Being photographed while shooting a selfie, is like somebody is watching your reflection while you are making yourself pretty. In these intimate moments we are aware what we are: imperfect. IC Putincanin captures those seconds of truth and translates them into art.


Join the IC Yourselfie Collection and get painted!

All you need is to send us is your icyourselfie and you will be an aesthetic asset. IC Putincanin paints your icyourselfie, if she likes it. Inspire her with your fresh ideas, interesting facial expressions and emotions!

The IC Yourselfie event is at the same time exhibition, performance and party.

IC Putincanin sets off from the Adriatic coast into a one-year art event caravan across Europe in her artistic quest for selfie poetry. The art caravan started in Tivat, Montenegro, where it will return after a journey of one year through Serbia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland...

Seestrasse 3 CH - 6354 Vitznau

T+41 (0)41 712 0012 ivc@lsd.lu