Architecture is art, when spaces create emotions.

IC Putincanin, MSc Arch. ETH Zürich, realizes her architectural masterpieces of art from the development to the completion with her investment company LakeSideDevelopment AG in Switzerland.


Building conventionally unconventional buildings

IC architecture is both part and reflection of nature simultaneously. Depending on the time of day, the weather and the season, the light shows its never-ending, wondrous play, giving true colours to clean lines and minimalist perfection. As in music, rhythm and proportions, theme and variations create timeless beauty. „Architecture is frozen music“ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Being accepted by nature is the greatest proof of sustainability.

Guided by the knowledge of ancient architects, the houses of IC Putincanin benefit from their location and microclimate, the use of sustainable technologies and natural materials. Like organisms, they depend on their environment to become part of nature.


„IC“ my Architecture

Defining IC Putincanin as an architect, who is positioned with more than 70 projects at the very top of the scene, falls short of understanding her creativity and power. She not only is a visionary but also strives to execute and implement every single bit of her never resting mind. Such rare individuals are defined as Gesamtkunstwerk artists, creators that produce comprehensive synthesized artworks, aimed to reach all senses.

Yet, for IC an art piece is «finished» only after a self-interpretation, which is sort of a selfie-critique.


Seestrasse 3 CH - 6354 Vitznau

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